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SmokerCraft 13′ Alaskan Fish Boat Rental

Where Affordability Meets Angling Excellence!

Quick Details

We regularly sell out, especially on weekends. To get your preferred choice and to avoid missing out, we highly recommend booking as soon as possible
Three Hour Rental MOST POPULAR
Six Hour Rental
One Day Rental 23 Hours

🚤✨ Smokercraft Alaskan: Unlock Value in Your Fishing Adventures with Our Entry-Level Rental! 🎣🌊

Introducing our Smokercraft Alaskan – your gateway to affordable angling! This entry-level fishing boat redefines value with its wide, stable design and clean-burning Yamaha pull-start outboard. Elevate your fishing experience without breaking the bank. Cast off with the Smokercraft Alaskan – your key to an affordable and fulfilling journey on the water. 🌟🐟

🚤 Wide & Mighty: Because Size Does Matter… in Fishing Boats!

It may be compact, but our Smokercraft Alaskan is wide, deep, and stable, like a fisherman’s fortress! Perfect a couple of pals, ensuring you can fish without accidentally baptizing each other.

🎣 High-Quality Seating: Sit Like the Captain You Were Born to Be!

Our Smokercraft boasts premium seating – because on the fishing stage, every angler deserves a comfortable throne! Glide across Lake St. Clair in style, with no backache interrupting your fishing groove.

🌿 Eco-Friendly Fishing: Where Even Fish Breathe Easy!

Powered by a clean-burning Yamaha pull-start outboard, our boat isn’t just good for you; it’s a breath of fresh air for the fish too. Because even underwater, they prefer eco-friendly neighbours.

Pull-Start Pizzazz: Starting Fishing Adventures Like a Pro!

Forget complicated rituals to start your fishing adventure – our Smokercraft Alaskan features a pull-start that’s smoother than a fish slipping through your fingers. It’s like pulling the curtain on a stage where the fish are the stars, and you’re the director! 🚤🎣

🎣 Looking to bring home the big one?

Highly touted as one of the best fishing places on the planet, Lake St. Clair has garnered accolades from the likes of Bass Master which named it the top lake in North America in 2018. Our shallow lake is a freshwater angler’s dream! Despite being smaller than the nearby Great Lakes, Lake St. Clair boasts some incredible freshwater sport-fishing for fishermen and fisherwomen of all skill levels.

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