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SeaDoo GTI SE 170HP w/ BT Speakers & iBR

Rent our Fastest Jet Ski Today, Revel in Tomorrow's Stories!

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We regularly sell out, especially on weekends. To get your preferred choice and to avoid missing out, we highly recommend booking as soon as possible
Early Bird 2 Hour 9:00am only
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🚤✨ “GTI SE 170 HP w/ BRP Audio: More Than a Jetski – It’s a Symphony of Waves and Beats!” ✨🎶

Brace for aquatic euphoria! The GTI  SE 170 HP jetski w/ BRP Audio delivers not just speed, but a 100 watt Bluetooth-powered soundtrack. Ride with 170 horses, groove to the waves, and turn your aquatic adventure into a high-octane music festival on water.

🚤 More Horsepower, More thrill!: 170HP Engine Excitement

Say goodbye to average rides – it’s time to embrace the raw power of 170 horses on the water.

🚀 Aquatic Orchestra: Bluetooth Audio with Remote-Control Symphony

Be the maestro of your ride! The GTI SE 170 includes a waterproof, fully integrated Bluetooth audio system with a remote control pad the connects to your phone (stowed away safely in it’s dry storage compartment) via Bluetooth.

🌊 Hull Yeah! The GTI is a Predictable Splash of Fun

The GTI hull design ensures not just stability but a confident, predictable ride through the waves. It’s not just a jetski; it’s your ticket to a hull lot of fun!

🚀 Brake, Reverse, Relax: Intelligent Brake and Reverse (iBR) System

Be the master of your aquatic domain! The GTI SE 170 features the iBR system, recognized by the Coast Guard for improving boat safety. Stop sooner, dock with ease, and navigate tight spots like a watercraft wizard.

🎛️ Fine-Tuned Fun: Customize your ride to suit wave conditions

The GTI SE 170 offers precision tuning with the Variable Trim System (VTS). Quickly access it on the handlebar for fine-tuned handling based on your preference, water conditions, and even the number of thrill-seekers on board. Because every ride is your ride!

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