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StarCraft 14′ DLX Fishing Boat Rental

Reel in the Fun, Without the Hassle of Boat Ownership.

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We regularly sell out, especially on weekends. To get your preferred choice and to avoid missing out, we highly recommend booking as soon as possible
Three Hour Rental MOST POPULAR
Six Hour Rental
One Day Rental 23 Hours

🚤🌊  Hook, Line, and Starcraft 14′ DLX: Your Passport to Fishing Freedom and Fun! 🎣✨

Dive into angling paradise with our Starcraft 14′ DLX – the ultimate catch for fishing enthusiasts! Quality seating, lockable storage, and electric start ensure your fishing escapade is a reel success. 🌟🐠

Electric Start Magic: No Hocus-Pocus, Just Fishing Focus!

Skip the arm workout – our Starcraft features electric start, powered by a Fuel-Injected 9.9 Tiller Four-Stroke. Start your fishing adventure with a push, not a pull. Because fishing should be about casting, not arm wrestling!

🚤 Lockable Storage: Your Fishy Secrets, Safe and Sound!

Keep your prized catches and secret lures under lock and key! Our Starcraft offers lockable storage, ensuring that only you and the fish know what’s stowed away. A little mystery adds spice to every fishing tale!

🌟 Durable Flat Floor: The Dance Floor for Your Fishing Frenzy!

Fish with flair! Our boats boast a durable and practical flat floor, providing the perfect stage for your angling dance. No obstacles, no tripping – just you, the fish, and a fin-tastic performance

🎣 Looking to bring home the big one?

Highly touted as one of the best fishing places on the planet, Lake St. Clair has garnered accolades from the likes of Bass Master which named it the top lake in North America in 2018. Our shallow lake is a freshwater angler’s dream! Despite being smaller than the nearby Great Lakes, Lake St. Clair boasts some incredible freshwater sport-fishing for fishermen and fisherwomen of all skill levels.

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