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Ultimate Kayak Buying Guide: Best of 2024 Reviewed & Ranked

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Exploring the world of kayaking can feel like navigating through a vast sea of options, each with its own allure and promise of adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned paddler looking to upgrade your experience or a newcomer eager to dip your paddles into the water, understanding the nuances of different kayak types is essential. Let’s embark on a review of the various kayaks you might consider, highlighting their unique features and why you might choose one over another. Then, we’ll explore why renting a kayak from RAW Watersports might be the best first step on your kayaking journey.

The Canadian Kayak: A Tribute to Tradition

Canadian kayaks, inspired by the classic designs of indigenous peoples, offer a deep connection to the history of paddling. These vessels are known for their sleek design and efficiency in the water, making them an excellent choice for those who appreciate the blend of tradition and performance. Ideal for exploring the serene waters of Lake St. Clair, a Canadian made kayak promises a paddling experience that is both meditative and adventurous.

In the heart of Canada’s breathtaking landscapes, a myriad of local businesses, fuelled by their passion for paddling, craft some of the finest Canadian kayaks. These craftsmen, drawing from personal experiences and the country’s rich tapestry of lakes and rivers, produce kayaks that are not only high in quality but also deeply embedded in the Canadian paddling tradition. Here’s a few to consider when shopping for a kayak.

One standout, Pelican Kayaks, hails from Quebec and boasts over 50 years of family-led innovation and design in the kayak industry. Their dedication to quality and the outdoors makes their kayaks a top choice for those looking to explore nature’s waterways.

Delta Kayaks, situated in Maple Ridge, BC, merges technology with over 35 years of experience to offer kayaks that are environmentally friendly, comfortable, and safe, thanks to their thermoform construction.

Paluski Boats, offering a lifetime guarantee on their made-in-Canada kayaks, caters to every paddler’s need, from fishing to touring, highlighting their commitment to durability and versatility.

Swift Canoes & Kayaks, with over 25 years of crafting Canadian-made kayaks, prides itself on its high standards for design, durability, and quality, ensuring every kayak is thoroughly tested.

Clearwater Design, operating since 1995 in Prince Edward County, ON, offers a wide range of kayaks, from recreational to advanced touring, suitable for all skill levels.

Seaward Kayaks, a family-owned brand from British Columbia, and Orca Boats, known for their hand-built wooden kayaks, further enrich the Canadian kayaking scene with their quality offerings.

The Sea Kayak / Touring Kayak: The Explorer’s Choice

Sea kayaks are built for the open waters, offering stability, storage, and the capability to handle a variety of sea conditions. Their length and design contribute to straight-line efficiency, making them perfect for longer expeditions. If your adventures lead you beyond the calm inlets and into the vastness of Lake St. Clair, the sea kayak stands as your trusty vessel.

If your paddling ambitions are steering you towards day-long journeys, weekend adventures, or even multi-day expeditions across calm, expansive waters, then a touring kayak should be on your radar. Known alternatively as sea or ocean kayaks, touring kayaks are primarily sit-inside models characterized by their elongated, slim build designed for swift, straight tracking.

Leading Touring Kayak Manufacturers

Choosing the right touring kayak in 2024 comes with its challenges, primarily due to the plethora of options available. It’s crucial to select a kayak that aligns with your stature, intended distance, water environment, and paddling expertise. Touring kayaks range from 12 to 18 feet in length, and the ideal model for you varies greatly depending on whether you’re setting out for a few hours or embarking on a week-long oceanic adventure. Luckily, the market boasts several standout touring kayak brands renowned for their quality and performance. Before delving into specific models, familiarize yourself with top-tier manufacturers such as:

Inflatable and Foldable Kayaks: Convenience Meets Functionality

For the paddler with storage or transportation constraints, inflatable and foldable kayaks present a practical solution. Despite their convenience-oriented design, modern advancements have made these kayaks surprisingly durable and capable on the water. Whether you’re setting off on a spontaneous adventure or simply have limited space at home, these kayaks prove that convenience doesn’t have to sacrifice quality.

In the realm of inflatable kayaks, the diversity in size, price, and functionality is vast, ranging from compact 7′ solo models to expansive 16’5″ tandem designs, with prices spanning from $150 to $5000. The question then arises: with all being inflatable, what sets them apart, and how does one select the best fit for their paddling endeavours? Fortunately, the wealth of reviews shared by fellow paddlers has distilled this wide array down to the finest selections, categorized into the best solo and tandem inflatable kayaks.

Tips for Selecting an Inflatable Kayak

Before diving into the myriad options, it’s crucial to reflect on several aspects to ensure your choice aligns with your needs:

  • Purpose and Setting: Consider where and with whom you’ll be paddling. Will it be serene lakes or adventurous white waters?
  • Transportation: Assess the kayak’s packed dimensions and weight to ensure it matches your transport capabilities.
  • Seating Configuration: Decide whether you’ll paddle solo, with a partner, or more, keeping in mind some models offer the flexibility to switch between solo and tandem.
  • Read Reviews: Reviews are invaluable for insights on durability, ease of transport, and the kayak’s performance in different water types.
  • Demo Before Purchase: Nothing surpasses the experience of testing a kayak on the water to determine its suitability.

Top Picks for Inflatable Kayaks

For solo adventurers, the market offers gems like the AdvancedFrame Sport by Advanced Elements and the Lynx I by AIRE, celebrated for their performance and durability. The Beach LP1 by TAHE stands out for its ease of use and hydrodynamic design, while the 393rl RazorLite™ by Sea Eagle Inflatables promises speed and efficiency with its drop-stitch technology.

Tandem paddlers are not left wanting, with options like the FastTrack™ 465ft by Sea Eagle Inflatables, designed for speed and capacity, and the AdvancedFrame Convertible by Advanced Elements, which offers the versatility of solo or tandem paddling. The Lynx II by AIRE offers a robust design for whitewater adventures, and the Explorer 380x by Sea Eagle Inflatables is lauded for its versatility in various water conditions.

The Fishing Kayak: A Fisherman’s Dream

Fishing kayaks are tailored to the angler’s needs, with features like rod holders, gear storage, and even pedal-driven options for hands-free movement. Stable and spacious, they allow you to stealthily approach your catch while enjoying the peaceful surroundings. Lake St. Clair’s rich fishing grounds become even more accessible with a kayak designed for the sport.

The fishing kayak market has evolved significantly, offering anglers the functionality of larger fishing boats without the hefty investment and operational costs. Today’s fishing kayaks allow you to navigate beyond the reach of shore anglers, into both shallow creeks and deep offshore waters, all while managing your gear efficiently and on a budget. These kayaks stand out for their ability to provide an unparalleled fishing experience without the need for expensive gas refills.

With the diverse needs of anglers in mind, the market is now flush with options tailor-made for various fishing environments. Whether you’re aiming the most exciting freshwater game fish; the Musky, or you’re looking not test your patience for Walleye, or if Smallmouth Bass are on your angling list, there’s a fishing kayak designed to maximize your water access and success.

Here’s a snapshot of the top contenders in the fishing kayak category:

Our methodology for selecting the best fishing kayaks involved a comprehensive analysis of the latest models from leading brands in the industry. We matched these models against the varied requirements of anglers nationwide, focusing on key aspects such as fishing suitability, affordability, kayak weight, standard features, and brand credibility.

Pedal Kayaks and Tandem Kayaks: Innovation and Partnership

Pedal kayaks introduce an innovative approach to kayaking, allowing you to navigate the waters with your legs, which can be a boon for those looking to keep their hands free or engage in a different kind of workout. Pedal drive fishing kayaks have surged in popularity, offering anglers a hands-free fishing experience that rivals that of small fishing boats. This innovative approach to kayak fishing has seen rapid growth, with a wide array of models now available from leading manufacturers. These kayaks blend increased stability, advanced seating comfort, and enhanced maneuverability with a suite of customizable features designed to meet the specific needs of anglers.

Prices for pedal-drive fishing kayaks range from $900 to $5,800, reflecting the broadening feature sets and performance capabilities. When choosing the right pedal-drive fishing kayak, consider factors like stability, seating comfort, maneuverability, control, and the array of fishing-specific features. Reviews from fellow paddlers and anglers offer invaluable insights, helping to narrow down the choices to the best available options.

Key recommendations for the best pedal drive fishing kayaks of the year include the Mirage® Outback by Hobie, known for its reliability and comprehensive features, and the Mako 10 by Riot Kayaks, praised for its balance of performance and value. Other top picks include the Mirage® Pro Angler 12 by Hobie for its fishing-specific design and the Slayer Propel 13 by Native Watercraft for its exceptional maneuverability.

Before making a purchase, it’s advisable to try out different models, either through friends, local retailers, or demo events. This hands-on experience, combined with thorough research and consideration of your fishing needs and preferences, will guide you to the perfect pedal-drive fishing kayak for your adventures.

Tandem kayaks, on the other hand, are perfect for partners or friends who want to share the paddling effort and the adventure. These kayaks foster a sense of companionship and teamwork on the water.

The allure of tandem kayaking lies not just in the adventure of paddling but in the shared experience it offers. Tandem kayaks, designed for a duo, cater to a variety of paddling activities including lake tours, serene river floats, fishing escapades, and even navigating through challenging whitewater. They embody the perfect blend of companionship and adventure, making them ideal for families looking to introduce their young ones to paddling, couples seeking a joint venture on the water, or friends pairing up to tackle new waterscapes together.

Tandem kayaks open the door to inclusive adventures, allowing experienced paddlers to guide novices, ensuring everyone in the group can keep pace. They’re also incredibly versatile, enabling one paddler to rest while the other keeps the kayak gliding forward, making them well-suited for activities that require a bit of multitasking, like photography or fishing.

Despite their shared benefits, selecting a tandem kayak requires consideration of its unique dynamics, including the need for coordination between paddlers for efficient movement. While they offer stability and space, their size can make them less maneuverable than single kayaks. Nonetheless, for those drawn to the idea of shared paddling experiences, the stability and spaciousness of a tandem kayak can make it an excellent choice, fostering not only adventures on the water but also strengthening bonds between paddlers.

For those venturing into the world of tandem kayaking, several top-rated models stand out for 2024, covering a wide range of preferences and needs. From the versatile NuCanoe Frontier 12, ideal for fishing and exploration, to the inflatable convenience of the Sevylor Colorado, and the angler-friendly Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler 130, there’s a tandem kayak to suit every duo’s desires. Other notable mentions include the robust Sea Eagle Explorer 380x for adventurers, the dynamic Pyranha Fusion Duo for the rapids, and the luxurious Hobie Mirage iTrek Fiesta for those seeking top-tier features and performance. Each model offers unique attributes, ensuring that paddlers can find the perfect tandem kayak to embark on their shared journeys.

The Sit-On-Top Kayaks: Accessibility for All

Sit-on-top kayaks stand out for their ease of use and stability, making them ideal choices for beginners or those who prefer a more leisurely paddling experience. Their open design means you can easily get on and off, a feature that is especially appreciated by swimmers and snorkelers.

Discover Sit on Top (SOT) Kayaks chosen for their stability, comfort, and ample storage. These kayaks are celebrated for their wide, open cockpits that accommodate paddlers of all sizes, providing an unrivalled sense of freedom and ease on the water.

Leading Sit On Top Kayaks

These kayaks have been rigorously paddled, tested, and reviewed, highlighting their unique features to suit various paddling needs and preferences. Whether you’re exploring serene lakes, fishing in coastal waters, or enjoying light surf, there’s a sit-on-top kayak among these top picks to enhance your water adventures.

Why Rent Before You Buy?

Each kayak type offers a unique set of benefits tailored to different preferences and activities. However, before you “dive in”~ lame watersports pun intended, this is where RAW Watersports comes in. We encourage you to rent one of our high-quality single or tandem kayaks to truly discover if paddling speaks to you. Renting allows you to test the waters, quite literally, before making a commitment.

In conclusion, exploring the sport of kayaking begins with understanding and experience. By renting from RAW Watersports, you’re not just trying out a sport; you’re exploring the vast possibilities of kayaking, guided by expertise and passion.

Embrace the adventure with us, and let the waters of Lake St. Clair be your playground.

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