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Take your family boating by Renting, instead of buying a boat. Tips for boating with kids.


Whether you want to send off summer with a bang and or celebrate a fantastic start to the school year and reward your kids for a smooth back-to-school season, you can have a fantastic day on the after with your family on board one of our rental boats hill the weather is still hot or bundle up in sweaters, fill a thermos with hot cider and head out to view the fall foliage as it turns to bright colours through the end of October.

Our family loves boating and we encourage people to start taking children boating at an early age, and you will instil in them a lifelong love of boating. You will relax, laugh and play with them, and see all sorts of amazing sights and wonders from a perspective you van’t imagine from land. The experiences you share on the water are unmatched and are likely to become your family’s most cherished memories.

As with all activities involving children, it is best to be prepared. That means being cautious and having the proper knowledge, plans, equipment, and supplies. We love family boating, and are happy to share these tips with you.

Safety First

Everyone small wears a Coast-Guard certified life jacket, or personal flotation device (PFD). That is a rule that never wavers. Children should be wearing their life vest before they step on board the boat. It should fit snugly. Start teaching water safety to babies and toddlers; swimming, floating, and knowing how not to panic are invaluable skills. Show them that being safe and having fun are in no way mutually exclusive. You always want to model smart behaviour on the water.

Pack Wisely

Ensure that you have lots of drinking water, sunscreen for face and body, a warm sweater or light jacket for cool nights, and snacks. Lots of snacks. What is it about being on the water that makes even the pickiest child suddenly ravenous? Pouches of yogurt freeze and thaw nicely. Frozen fruit is a good choice, as are cheese sticks and crackers. And parents, kid snacks are good for grown-ups too. Go ahead and have some animal crackers. We won’t tell.

Designate a “Safe Spot” on Board Your Boat

Have a place where you can safely stash the kids on the boat. Tell them where “their spot” is so if you need everyone seated to approach a dock, they know where they should be seated. Make sure they know the rules. When you tell them sternly but steadily that you need to focus, they must listen and know not to run or get in the way. Kids need to know that being out on the water is fun, but requires attention and awareness of one’s surroundings. That’s the best way to make a confident and capable boater.

Plan Activities

Most children are not great at sitting still and soaking up the wonder of nature. Make sure you have a few fun tricks up your sleeve, especially for older kids. It can be as simple as cards, colouring books and crayons, or as creative as a scavenger hunt of things they can find on the water or on the boat. Keep them looking around and engaged so they don’t start telling you that they are bored 10 minutes into your day of boating.

Set Out Early

So many things can happen to derail your day when you are out on the water. There are just so many variables, from weather, to nap-time, to unexpected detours, to tantrums. Start early and see where the day takes you. If your kids are holding up well, you can enjoy more hours on the boat. If the toddler starts an epic meltdown around lunchtime, you will still have logged some hours on your boat. If you need to head home early, so be it. You can spend the rest of the afternoon planning your next day on the water.

We love being on the water with our families; it is the best place to teach life lessons and enjoy being together. As long as you remember these simple tips, you will enjoy countless excursions. Rent a boat today and start making awesome memories!