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Fun Activities and Things to Do on a Boat

a group of people on a boat

Boating with RAW Watersports offers a serene escape into nature, providing a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. The beauty of Lake St. Clair and its surroundings can be best appreciated from the deck of a boat, surrounded by friends and family. Here are some of the most enjoyable activities you can partake in during your boat rental experience with us.

13 Fun Things to Do on a Boat

1. Fishing
Fishing is a timeless activity perfect for Lake St. Clair’s diverse ecosystem. Whether you prefer the tranquility of waiting for a bite or the excitement of the catch, fishing is a delightful way to spend your day. RAW Watersports ensures you have the ideal boat for your angling adventure, whether you’re a seasoned angler or trying it for the first time our fleet of aluminum, tiller-steered fishing boats are perfect for your fishing trip.

2. Sunbathing
Embrace the sun’s warmth aboard one of our boats. With plenty of space to relax, you can unwind and soak up the beautiful Canadian scenery. Sunbathing on a boat offers a unique experience, allowing you to feel the gentle motion of the waves and enjoy the peaceful environment.

3. Swimming
Nothing beats the refreshing feeling of diving into the cool waters of Lake St. Clair. Swimming is a fantastic activity for all ages, offering both fun and exercise. With RAW Watersports, you can anchor at the perfect spot to swim, float, and play in the water safely. Our location is just 1km from the legendary Red Barn Swimming Hole.

4. Snorkeling
Elevate your swimming experience with snorkelling. Explore beneath the surface to discover the aquatic life that thrives in our local waters. Snorkelling is an adventurous and educational activity, revealing the hidden beauty of the underwater world.

5. Float the Day Away
Our Canadian-Made mats from Float On bring the ultimate water playground to your boating experience. This floating foam island welcomes family members of all ages to play, run, or relax on the country’s most loved water toy. You can add one of these to every pontoon boat rental for a small fee and they come rolled up and secured with cinch straps on the boat. Our Float On mats are a must-have for endless water fun.

6. Watching a Sunset
Embark on an enchanting sunset cruise with RAW Watersports, where the tranquil waters of Lake St. Clair become the backdrop for an unforgettable evening. As the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky in hues of orange, pink, and purple, you’ll glide across the calm waters. This magical experience is not just about the breathtaking views; it’s an opportunity to unwind, connect with loved ones, and enjoy the serene beauty of nature as daylight fades to dusk. Our sunset cruise offers a moment of peace and reflection, making it an ideal escape for couples seeking a romantic outing, families looking to create lasting memories, or friends gathering to celebrate special occasions.

7. Stand-Up Paddleboarding
Stand-up paddleboarding offers a tranquil way to explore the waters around you. It’s a great workout and provides a unique perspective on the beauty of Lake St. Clair. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler, this activity adds a peaceful element to your boating adventure.

8. Playing Games
Bring along board games for a fun and engaging downtime activity on the boat. After a day full of water sports and swimming, games are a fantastic way to relax and bond with your companions as the day winds down.

9. Reading a Book
For those who prefer a quieter activity, bringing a book to read as you lounge on the boat is the epitome of relaxation. Surrounded by water and nature, you’ll find it’s the perfect setting to get lost in a good story.

10. Boatgating
Gather your friends for a boatgating party, where the water is your venue for food, music, and fun. It’s a social activity that combines the best of boating and tailgating, creating unforgettable memories on the water. There are several spots on Lake St. Clair where you will find many boats anchored and walking from boat to boat socializing like; The Red Barn Swimming Hole, Belle River’s West Beach, Pike Creek Channel Marker, Bassett Island Sand Bar, Grassy Island and many more.

11. Camping
Combine boating with camping for a weekend adventure. Dock at a nearby campsite to enjoy the great outdoors, complete with fishing, hiking, and nights under the stars. RAW Watersports can guide you to the best spots for a seamless camping experience.

12. Kayaking
Bringing along kayaks on your boating trip allows for personal exploration and a great upper-body workout. Kayak along the shorelines of Lake St. Clair, and discover secluded areas inaccessible by larger boats.

13. Cooking
Enjoy the novelty of preparing a meal aboard your boat. Whether it’s a simple snack or a gourmet dinner, cooking on the water makes for a unique and enjoyable dining experience. Impress your guests with a meal served with scenic views all around. Rent our CREST Pontoon and selective Grill Option at checkout to enjoy a delicious barbecue on the water.

With RAW Watersports, your boating day can be as laid-back or as adventurous as you wish. Our mission is to provide you with the perfect vessel and accessories for a memorable day on Lake St. Clair, where the possibilities for fun and relaxation are endless.