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Make the Most of a One-Day Boat Rental

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Imagine a radiant morning, the gentle embrace of waves against the hull, and the allure of adventure on the horizon. This is the enchantment of a one-day boat rental. Whether you’re a seasoned boater or a newcomer craving a taste of aquatic exploration, optimizing your day on the water is the key to an unforgettable experience. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essentials of planning, safety, packing, and activities, ensuring you’re fully prepared for your one-day boat rental adventure.


Before delving into the details, let’s explore why a one-day boat rental with RAW Watersports might be the perfect choice. The motivations are as diverse as the individuals seeking this aquatic escapade. Whether you’re on vacation, eager to infuse excitement into your local celebrations, or simply yearning for a day of waterborne joy, a one-day boat rental offers flexibility, affordability, and an opportunity to create cherished memories without the commitment of boat ownership. While 3 and 6 hour rentals are also very popular, a one-day rental allows you to truly feel as if it’s “your boat” without having to set a limit on the fun. You can return to the dock whenever you like. Let’s start planning your perfect day!


To make the most of your one-day boat rental with RAW Watersports, meticulous planning is essential. While the temptation to hit the water and unwind is strong, a bit of strategic planning can significantly enhance your experience. Here are some recommended planning steps:


Your journey begins with selecting the perfect vessel for your adventure. RAW Watersports offers an array of boat rentals, including pontoon boats, jet skis and fishing boats, each tailored to on-water different activities. Research the options available and choose the boat that aligns with your plans.


The destination is as crucial as the boat itself. Explore the Detroit River or coastal areas around Lake St Clair to pinpoint scenic spots you want to experience form the water. Your choice of location can profoundly impact your day’s enjoyment, so consider the activities and sights you wish to experience.

Windsor and Essex County, situated along the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair, offer various popular locations on the water. Here are some notable spots:

  • Lake St. Clair:
    • This expansive lake provides ample opportunities for boating, fishing, and water recreation. Belle River and Lighthouse Cove are particularly popular areas.
  • Detroit River:
    • The Detroit River serves as the international border between Canada and the United States. It’s a bustling waterway known for its scenic views and boating activities.
  • Puce River Marina:
    • Start here. This marina is our home base and offers convenient access to Lake St. Clair. It’s the starting point for water adventures in the region and features and excellent waterfront restaurant; The Sandbar.
  • Peche Island:
    • Situated on the Detroit River, Peche Island is a scenic destination for kayaking and nature exploration. It provides a peaceful escape from urban surroundings.
  • St. Clair River:
    • Flowing between Lake Huron and Lake St. Clair, the St. Clair River offers picturesque views and opportunities for boating and fishing.
  • The Red Barn Swimming Hole:
    • Located just 1km east of the Puce River this swimming hole is a popular weekend anchorage where you will find dozens of boats moored in shallow waters with people walking between boats in waist deep waters. It became a popular waypoint with boaters saying “Let’s meet at the red barn” (it’s actually orange) Nonetheless, most weekends you will see plenty of motorboats, pontoon boats and jet skis anchored here.
  •  Bassett Island, Walpole Island First Nation:
    • The shallow waters just off Bassett Island are clean and clear and shimmer with hues of blue and aegean like the Caribbean. While it’s a long ride across the lake once you arrive you will know it with many boats moored on most weekends in summer. There are sandbars a few hundred meters from shore that make for ideal anchorages that allow boaters to walk around easily and for children and pets to play.
  • Lighthouse Cove:
    • Lighthouse Cove at the mouth of the Thames River and Lake St. Clair is home to a lighthouse that is 200 years old and one of the three oldest on the Great Lakes. This sleepy little community is home to just a few hundred people but it’s many channels have a Florida intracoastal vibe. It’s a great spot to spend a long weekend with a wonderful Airbnb at Waterfront Marina for vacationers that want a nautical getaway with convenient access to the water. You can idle up river for many kilometres for a laid back afternoon or go play on Lake St Clair.


Whether it’s a family outing, a romantic getaway, or an adventurous day with friends, determine the number of guests you’ll be accommodating. This factor will influence both your boat and location choices, ensuring the comfort and preferences of everyone on board. All of our rentals prominently feature the number of people they can hold.


Safety is paramount when enjoying a day on Lake St Clair. Before embarking on your one-day boat rental adventure, observe these essential safety precautions:

While a boating license is not required, we always recommend getting one as you only need to perform the test once and you have it for life. But don’t worry if you don’t have yours yet. Go ahead and make your reservation and on the day of your rental we will provide a Temporary Boaters License after your safety briefing and on-water orientation.

Familiarize yourself with the boat’s operation: If you’re not experienced with boat operation, our on-water orientation will have our skippers showing you the boat’s operation. Understanding the boat’s controls and features is crucial.

Check the weather forecast: Stay informed about the weather leading up to your rental day.

File a float plan: Inform someone of your plans, including departure and return times and your intended route. This information can be crucial in emergencies.

Stay hydrated and sun-protected: Bring plenty of water to stay hydrated and apply sunscreen liberally to guard against sunburn.


Life jackets are indispensable on the water. RAW Watersports outfits all boats and watercraft with enough life jackets to match the maximum people on board as outlined on the Coast Guard rating placard and on our website. Familiarize yourself with the location of additional safety equipment like fire extinguishers, flares, and first aid kits on the boat. RAW Watersports crew will point these out during your on-water orientation.


Pay attention to local water and weather conditions, including potential hazards. Stay informed about any waterway regulations or restrictions in the Lake St Clair area. Awareness of these factors contributes to a safe and enjoyable experience.

With safety at the forefront, you’re ready to embark on your one-day boat rental with RAW Watersports. But before setting sail, there are essential packing items to consider. Let’s explore what to bring on board in the next section.


A well-packed boat enhances your comfort and enjoyment on Lake St Clair. Here’s a checklist of essentials to consider bringing:

Snacks and drinks: Keep everyone well-fed and hydrated with a selection of snacks and beverages.

Proper attire: Dress in comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing, and don’t forget your swimsuits if you plan to take a dip!

Towels and blankets: These come in handy for drying off or lounging on the deck.

Sunscreen and sunglasses: Protect yourself from the sun’s rays.

Hats and caps: Shield your face and head from the sun.

Waterproof bags: Safeguard valuable items like smartphones and cameras from splashes.

By packing thoughtfully, you’ll be well-prepared to make the most of your one-day boat rental on Lake St Clair.


When it comes to renting a boat for your one-day adventure on Lake St Clair, RAW Watersports stands out as the best choice. RAW Watersports in Lakeshore, Ontario, is a watersports company operating at Puce River Marina, located just 15 minutes from Windsor, Ontario. We are excited to provide access to the water without the hassle and expense of ownership. Rent our Kayaks, Sea Doo jetskis, Pontoon Boats or Fishing Boats on Lake St. Clair from Lakeshore or let us load them on a trailer for you to tow to your favourite Lake. Don’t want to do the driving? No Problem. Select one of our private, captained cruises.Our experienced skippers will handle the driving and you can kick back and enjoy a Sunset Cruise, Detroit River Cruise, Morning Calm Lake, Coffee and Croissant Cruise or our Peche Island Picnic. Our cruises depart from Puce River Marina or Windsor Marina. Here’s why you should consider us for your next aquatic escapade:

Variety of Boats: Whether you’re seeking a leisurely pontoon cruise, a speedy motorboat ride, a jet ski adventure or even a fishing boat, RAW Watersports has a boat that suits your needs.

Convenient Location: Situated on Lake St Clair, RAW Watersports provides easy access to the lake’s stunning waters, saving you time and enhancing your overall experience.

Knowledgeable Staff: The friendly and experienced staff at RAW Watersports can offer advice, safety instructions, and even recommendations on the best spots to explore on Lake St Clair.

Flexible Rental Options: Choose to rent for a few hours or full-day rentals to make the most of your time on the water. RAW Watersports ensures a hassle-free experience, allowing you to focus on creating lasting memories.

As you plan your one-day boat rental adventure on Lake St Clair, consider the convenience and quality that RAW Watersports brings to the table. With the right boat, safety in mind, and a sense of excitement, you’re on your way to an unforgettable day of exploration and relaxation.

In conclusion, making the most of a one-day boat rental is all about careful planning, safety awareness, and a sense of adventure. So, gather your friends and family, choose the perfect boat, and set sail for a day of fun and relaxation on Lake St Clair. Bon voyage!

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