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Boating is for Everyone!

Apr 9 | 2 min

At RAW Watersports, we are passionate about our mission to MAKE BOATING MORE ACCESSIBLE TO EVERYONE!

As outdoor activities, and boating specifically, have expanded it’s become evident that there just is not enough access to the water and it isn’t improving any time soon for the following reasons.


Marina development is difficult due to environmental restrictions and the high cost of waterfront property. Boat lovers need a rental option at existing marinas to get more people on the water.


Most marinas have long wait lists for dockage and as such many families do not have access to the water. One of our local marinas is reported to have over 200 on the wait list. There’s little hope for most on the list.


Consumers can be reluctant to purchase major luxury items. Add to the challenges above the expense of insuring, maintaining and storing in the off-season and it’s easy to see why more people aren’t taking up boating as a family activity. It’s just out of reach for many.


By now we are all accustomed to supply shortages. The fact is, there just aren’t any boats to buy.

That’s where we come in. We’ve loved boating as a family and believe there is just no better way to spend a hot summer day than on the water with family and friends. This is why our mission is to make boating more accessible to everyone!


Our Boat Rental business gives people a point of access to the water, which we know is contagious. It also introduces them to the lifestyle in a very affordable and carefree way. Giving a wider means of access to the water and the recreation lifestyle in general is vital for the growth of the boating industry, and Boat Rentals offer a means to do with a low barrier to entry.

With boat rentals starting at just $99 we have something for everyone whether you’re looking to head out early with a friend and catch some fish, or hopping waves on an exhilarating Sea Doo or cruising in comfort with your family and friends on board one of our pontoons, we have something for everyone.

We just love boating and we know that you will too. Get out there today and experience what boating has to offer.

Boating is for everyone and we are here to make it safe, convenient and affordable to get you on the water.

It’s cold and grey outside right now but it won’t be forever. So head over to our rentals page and BOOK NOW to reserve your day on the water. When the weather breaks we expect to be fully booked this summer.