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5 Tips for Planning Mother’s Day on a Boat

a group of people riding on the back of a boat

Mother’s Day this year falls on Sunday, May 14, when the weather in Windsor Essex County should be warm enough to enjoy at least one day of the Mother’s Day weekend on a boat. If you’re concerned the weather won’t be ideal on Mother’s Day but still want to give mom the boating experience, simply purchase a gift card and present it to her and pick a later date together. The anticipation of her day on the water will have her smiling until it finally comes.

While Mother’s Day is traditionally celebrated with gifts, cards, and flowers, the most valuable thing you can give your mother is your time. Spending quality time with your mother not only makes her feel special but also strengthens your bond with her. Here are some tips for an epic Mother’s Day on a boat.

1. Start with Brunch on Board

Sure, breakfast in bed is nice, but how many moms get to tell their friends that the family hosted brunch on board?

Book the Calm Lake, Coffee & Croissant Cruise from RAW Watersports and show mom the best Mother’s Day ever!

The Lake is at its most calm in the morning. This serene Lake St. Clair/ Detroit River Cruise offers excellent views of beautiful waterfront homes, lake vista and city skylines while you sip coffee and enjoy freshly baked pastries aboard our brand new Pontoon Boat.

On this private boat tour, we will take you where you want to go or we can make up an itinerary. We provide hot coffee (tea on request), and freshly baked croissants. Feel free to bring your favourite brunch foods along if you like.

There is no restaurant that can match the view from the dinette in the boat’s cockpit, or that can bring a bigger smile to your mom’s face for making her feel so special.

To make the day feel even more out of the ordinary, consider adding new placemats and cloth napkins to your pre-Mother’s Day shopping list. Perhaps add some cute napkin holders, and maybe a festive centrepiece for the setup. Simply sprucing up the table settings can add a new layer of enjoyment to the day, and can make the boat feel like a newly special spot.

2. Forget the Flowers; Get Mom a Great Boat Hat

Flowers on Mother’s Day are the old standby. But if you’re spending the day with your mom on the boat, then consider investing your flower budget into an oversized sun hat—one with a flower on it, perhaps.

Great hats are like great pocketbooks: Most moms love them, but don’t want to feel too extravagant by spending money on them. You can find oversized sun hats at affordable prices on Amazon.

3. Set the Playlist for the Day

Music can do more than set the mood. It can also send a message, which on Mother’s Day can focus on themes like love and gratitude.

All of our pontoon boats have Bluetooth music so make sure you have your Mother’s Day playlist ready

Spotify offers several playlists for Mother’s Day, featuring an eclectic mix of artists. No matter your own mom’s musical tastes, a song (or three or a dozen) in this mix are sure to set the right tone on the boat from morning till night.

4. Let Mom Take the Helm as Captain

One of the biggest complaints that many moms have about being on the boat is that they never get to drive. If there’s a dad in the family, he often assumes command at the helm—leaving mom not only feeling left out of a big part of the boating experience, but also left in a position where she’s not learning and using the skills that everyone needs to have in order to feel confident with the wheel and throttles.

At RAW Watersports anyone can be #CaptainForADay and rent one of our boats for 3 hours, 6 hours or even longer.

Our experienced crew will take the time to make sure mom has the skills she needs with our on-water safety orientation and will even provide a free temporary boaters license that is good for the duration of her rental.

5. Dock and Dine, or Get Creative for Dinner Onboard

After a long day of having fun on the water, everyone is going to be hungry for a great dinner. Opting to Dock and Dine at a waterfront restaurant is of course a great option for Mother’s Day—and two of our favourites on Lake St. Clair are The Sandbar Waterfront Grill and The Harbour House.

Another, more personalized option is an onboard picnic. Pick up some fried chicken and enjoy it cold with salads (an on-the-lake staple for the RAW family) or make up some sandwiches and enjoy a light meal in the middle of the lake as the waves gently move you.

Spending time with your mother on Mother’s Day is one of the most meaningful ways to show your love and appreciation for her. It’s not about how much money you spend on gifts or how grandiose your plans are, but rather about the quality of time you spend together. Taking her on a boating experience will be a memory she will cherish forever.

Remember, Mother’s Day is not just about celebrating mothers but also about spending time with family. It’s a day to reflect on the importance of maternal bonds and the role that mothers play in our lives. So, take the time to appreciate your mother, spend time with your family, and make this Mother’s Day a special one.